Extra precautions

We are a small Bed & Breakfast far out on the countryside. We are currently following the rules and guidelines issued by the Danish government, and have issued several new routines to prevent the spread of the current situation.

All our door handles, credit card machines, toilets and other items that are in contact with several people will be sanitised every hour or after every single use. All keys, tables and seats where guests has been sitting will be sanitised. We serve all beverage, which means that other guests will not be touching bottles etc. Every room will have hand sanitisers, as well as every exit and entrance.


Dinner will be served on separate tables outside or in your room.


We ask your guests to show extra consideration during this period. Wash your hands with soap and water. Sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the restaurant and common areas. Keep distance to other guests. Follow the current travel recommendations. If you feel ill, we ask you to stay home.

We hope to welcome you!