"In The Normans kitchen we pride ourselves on running the most sustainable kitchen within our limitations, we do this because we believe it is far more than just a choice but more simply just the way it should be.

We focus on creating relationships with the people that farm and produce our products, We listen to their advice and experience when it comes to carefully choosing what we should put on our menu and ultimately serve to our guests.

It is our belief that everyone should be able to enjoy healthy food and be comfortable but also well educated in where that food comes from. It was with this in mind we chose to start our own kitchen garden on the property. The garden is free for guests to visit and catch a glimpse of what might be dinner that night, see how things grow and become curious in the food cycle that is so often overlooked.

Our menu is comprised of as much produce from our garden that the season will allow and always supported by our great community of farmer friends when we are running low or perhaps they just make it better than us.

What’s in season is what is served and served simply because that is what we believe to be best and in doing so we hope that our guests can leave feeling refreshed and inspired."

"Scott Chancellor, headchef The Norrmans"

Eksempler på aftensmad

Gæster modtager en 3-retters menu med starter og et valg af
hovedretter efterfulgt af ost eller dessert.

Røget torsk med rogn, knoldselleri og stikklesbær
Norrmans Soja braiseret svin fra hindsholm med solsikkefrø og kål
Solsikkefrø risotto med østerssvampe og kål
Hjemmelavede oste eller dagens desserter
+ ost 60 dkk per person

Menuen serveres med husets hjemmelavede surdejsbrød med smør