The Norrmans

 - by the sea

Oops, we took over an old smithy just 200 meters from the sea, here in Stevns in a small town called Lund – not to confuse with the Swedish town with the same name. To avoid any confusion, we simply call it Norrmans By the Sea or “The Smithy”.

The Smithy is a wonderful place, the kind of place we would like to be at ourselves. Below you can find all practical details and information.

We have a total of five private double rooms, six if you count the uninsulated room on the loft above the smithy. One of the rooms have an extra bed.

There is one main house with three bedrooms. Each room has one king size bed and one of the rooms has an extra bed. The main house has two bathrooms and two showers. There is also a small kitchen with all the basics you need to cook dinner for everyone in the house, there are two small tables in the kitchen and one long table out in the old smithy for dining. There is also a laundry room and a wine cellar where you can purchase from a selection of biodynamic wines.

In the old stable, the other house on the property, have two bedrooms, one open sleeping loft and one closed room. Both rooms have double beds and the house has one bathroom and shower.

In the warmer summer months, you can also stay in the sleeping loft above the old smithy. The loft is not isolated and can only be reached by small and steep stairs, so it’s for anyone who find this way of living cozy. Bathroom is shared with the main house. In addition to the loft, we also have another uninsulated room with two single beds, the room is very small and simple, so you must love a spartan lifestyle. 

You can swim down by the harbor and there are also beaches 7 minutes away by car, 20 minutes by bike. You can also take the bike in to Rødvig and get fresh sea food down at the harbor.

The rental prices for The Smithy are seasonal. During the spring and autumn (low season) you can book a weekend, two nights or weekdays. In peak season we only offer weekly rentals.


June 28th to July 4th – Sunday to Saturday

July 4th to August 24th – Saturday to Saturday


Low season weekends: 4.500 DKK per night, minimum 2 nights

Low season weekdays: 2.000 DKK per night, minimum 3 nights


Peak season week 27-28 & 33-35: 3.000 DKK per night

Peak season week 29-30 & 32: 3.500 DKK per night


If you have problem seeing availability, try marking one day before or after, or send us an email and we will help you.  

If you have any questions or want to hear more about this lovely vacation home, send us an email at, and we will get back to you!


Welcome to The Norrmans By the Sea!