The Norrmans

Not far away from Copenhagen, out on the countryside, you will find our Boutique Bed & Breakfast The Norrmans Countryside.

Here you come to relax, eat and drink well from our kitchen where our chef Scott Chansellor is cooking, liein the hammock under the walnut tree, play boules with friends in the barn or roam in our shop and get inspired by the interior world we built up there.

Rest your mind and body at our quiet oasis on the countryside.

Our concept

The Norrmans is today a well-established B&B where the team has put a lot of thought into every single detail when it comes to comfort, interior and design. The space is defined by creativity that inspired both guests and staff, all the while leaving room for the mind and body to rest. The kitchens main focus will be to work with what is around us, using the space in its full potential and therefore push for an ever more grounded food and beverage experience. We have built a garden that will nourish the soil, the guests, us and the community, the surrounding land offers so much space for us to be creative.
 We believe in growing vegetables with minimum intervention, sourcing produce from the region and preparing it with full respect to the land, the farmers and the natural beauty of things. You, the guests, the people around the table, will form the core of the entire experience. We, and the space itself with all its bounty will take full care of you, serving you in the best way we know how. See you soon!

The Stable or the Villa?

When you are staying at The Norrmans Countryside you can choose to stay in the Stable or the Villa. Of you click on the photos below you will get more information about the locations. The rooms in the Stable are cozy and small, and they are all individually designed. The rooms in the Villa are more grand and you have heaps of space and access to common areas. 

All rooms has their own bathrooms, in both the Stable and the Villa.

The Food

Food is a big part of the experience when we travel. And from what we hear, many of you feel the same way. For the past two seasons, we have tried our way forward and gotten a feeling of what it’s like to run a bed and breakfast with food. For this season, we have taken another step towards the experience we would like to offer, by handing over the operations and kitchen to two people with a great passion for food and wine and knowledge beyond what we can even imagine.  

We have learned over the years to focus on what we do best, and to partner with others who complement us. For that reason, we have handed over the food and beverage creations at our B&B to Scott Chansellor, while we (Anna and Lars) will continue to develop, explore and create beautiful surroundings for our guests. We aim to be as sustainable as possible at our estate, and to serve food made from local produce. We are constantly looking for new solutions to get one step closer to this goal. Our chef has been establishing a kitchen garden where he is growing most of our foods.

Read more about the food here.