Coming here, you can’t miss out on Stevns klint, the UNESCO world heritage landmark that dates back 66 million years. A new visitation center is planned, and until then you can discover the site on your own.

A wonderful place and one our personal favorites. Come and enjoy a cup of tea in the green house of GIsselfeldt Kloster and explore the amazing atmosphere that Stig and Greg has created here. Read more here: Paradehuset

This year you can explore the newly opened Tower, a unique way to travel up above the tree tops and enjoy more than 25 kilometers view over Southern Zealand. This is the highest point on Zealand and well worth a visit. Close by is also Denmark’s largest climbing park with over 10 different tree top trails. Right now, they are also building a 600m long boardwalk and a 45m high architectural design tower, with an internal ramp that takes you all the way to the top. From the top you have a clear view over Southern Zealand and ca 130 over the sea. There is also a nature playground and an indoor climbing wall. Well worth a visit!

When mentioning Stevns Klint you have to include Højerup church, on the edge of the cliff dropping off to the ocean. With a spectacular view of the ocean, this charge is truly something special. It’s also possible to get married at Højerup church, contact Magical Weddings for questions and inquiries, you can have the reception at The Norrmans!

As mentioned above, it’s possible to get married at Stevs Klint. If you are interested in ceremonies, getting married or renewing your vows, contact Magical Weddings for help with planning the ceremony. Check out their website for ideas and inpiration.

The wedding party? We would love to take care of that!

During the cold war, this fortress was NATOS’ defense line towards the East. Today, the nuclear underground fortress is open to public for guided tours.  

Travel back to a time when Denmark was buried deep at sea and a coral reef covered what today is the village of Faxe, home to sharks, crocodiles and over 500 other species. At the Geomuseum, you can discover the dramatic story of the mass extinction that occurred 66 million years ago. You can also go fossile hunting in the area and find your own ancient fossils. Don’t miss this place!

While you’re out at Camp Adventure, make a trip to Villa Gallina for lunch. The Villa is located in beautiful quite surroundings by a small lake. Perfect if you’re not a big fan of heights.

In 2014, archeologists found a hidden Viking fortress that they are now digging out. It was turned to a visitor’s center where you can go and follow their work.

There are some very nice castles around place that are well worth a visit.
Vallø castle: A mid 1600th century castle with beautiful caste grounds. There is also a beautiful restaurant you can visit.
Gjorslev manors: Denmark’s largest middle ages castle with castle grounds with free admission and organized group tours.

Gisselfeldt is a very special renaissance castle and extremely beautiful. Open all year round with admission to the castle grounds as well as guided tours. The park was recently named “Experience of the year” in 2017, and it’s well worth a visit. The green house is also a must see, and the wonderful shop.

Do you love golfing? Take a trip to Vallø Golf Club just 10 minutes away. They also have a restaurant, Vallø Slottskrog.

In the small village Tåstrup there is a landmarked house called “Trines Hus”, Trines house. The house has been untouched since Trine moved in at the end of the 1900th century. Here you can experience what life out here looked like over 100 years ago. Take a walk here during your stay.

A 10 minute walk from our place is “Flowers by Ida”, an amazing little flower shop. We can really recommend a visit to Ida’s shop, or gather a group of friends for her very popular courses. Ask us for more information. Ida is also the place to go for ordering flowers, if you wish to surprise someone special during your trip.

Do you like the ocean?

Click  here for recommendations along the coast, maybe a cayak tour or just a ride along the coasts and the many small villages. Come back to the countryside after a day of fresh air and enjoy a relaxing swim in our hot tub or a drink in the garden.

Møns Klint is situated 1,2 hours drive away from here, and is really worth the trip. This place is amazingly stunning, and the drive there offers many cozy stops like Præstø and Stege.

For more information about our region, visit SydKystDanmark's website.